Engagement Season Is Here! Here How To Prepare For Buying An Engagement Ring


It’s peak time! Yes, engagement season is actually a thing; a ​worldwide​ thing that is. December and January are the most popular months to get engaged. Surrounded by your loved ones, certainly it ​is​ the greatest time of the year to get engaged to your significant others.

 You are right on time to get your rings! Bespoke rings usually take an average of 6-8 weeks to make from the first consultation to receiving your pieces, so it is about this time in the year that private jewelers and retailers are the most busy.

 There are many ways to prepare for what is probably the most important purchase in your life, yet- but here are ​five of the most important ones​​, according to jeweler and ​Diamond Tales Founder, Constanza Viera.

  1. Know what your Significant Other wants​​: Maybe you looked at rings together, maybe you didn’t. Look out for clues, style choices, and DM’s. Yes! Direct messages on Social Media is probably the best way your significant other can share with you her/his favorite rings. Know your SO’s ring size! If you don’t, ask his/her mother, sister, friend, or in desperate times trace one of your significant other’s rings and bring it to your jeweler; they will know what to do with it. In conclusion: be prepared to know what style and ring size you want when you show up to your first appointment.

  2. Decide on a Budget​​: The best way to make this process easier is to work backwards. Decide on a budget and make sure you have saved up for it so you are prepared accordingly. Some interesting facts to know are that the average engagement ring in the US is about $5,000 and that the rule of thumb to find out your budget is about two months salary. Some jewelers and retailers do accept financing, so keep that in mind, too!

  3. Learn about the Four C’s​​: These will become your allies. The Four C’s stand for Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut. Depending on your budget and what it allows for, you will have to prioritize on some of these and compromise on others; this way you’ll be able to stretch it. Every fancy shape is different and some mask color and hide impurities better than others, so it is better to make a decision based on the diamonds you are being offered. That being said, generally it is important to prioritize on Cut for maximum sparkle and compromise on Clarity up to a grade where you can’t see impurities with the naked eye.

  4. Select a Jeweler​​: It is really important to select a jeweler/retailer you feel comfortable with and one that you trust. After all, they are making one of the most special pieces of your and your significant other’s lives. Don’t hesitate to reach out to private jewelers, too. Bespoke rings are not necessarily more expensive than ready-to-buy rings. They can be made exactly to your preferences, yet just take a little bit more time to make. You have probably eyed a few if you’ve been learning about the topic for some time; reach out and make a decision based on your conversations with them, credentials, and certifications. Ask for the Diamond’s report, usually from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or from AGS (American Gemological Society), for example.

  5. Protect It​​: You want to make sure to insure your ring, same as you insure your house and your car. Your significant other will be wearing this ring forever, so it is extremely important to get a replacement insurance policy through your preferred company; your jeweler will most probably be able to help you with this. You Will. Not. Regret. It!

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to getting engaged. Surprise your significant other with the most special piece and make sure to sit back and enjoy the moment. It only happens once in a lifetime!