West Palm Beach Experience

What are a few of your favorite things? Do they include diamonds and food? Probably yes. Now, let me ask you something else: what are a few of your least favorite things? Inconvenient traveling and traffic, perhaps? I have the ultimate experience for you, and it starts with one word: Brightline.


 Erika from @CheWithMe, and I have been longtime friends, and we had the opportunity to go to West Palm Beach and share with one another our favorite foods and diamonds, kind of making our worlds collide. We took the brand-new, ultra-modern Brightline train from Downtown Miami to West Palm Beach, and to my pleasant surprise, it was easier than expected!

As soon as you go to the station you will understand what I am talking about. Everything is extremely convenient, just like an airport, less the hours and with added comfort. With Select tickets, we were able to have chargers, food, snacks, and drinks, as a complimentary treat during our trip. Moreover, there were chargers and free WiFi for all travelers! The train only took 1hr and 10 minutes to get to West Palm Beach, a lot less than what it would've taken if we had driven up there (and you get to post photos and answer emails, too! ;) ).

As soon as we got to West Palm Beach we visited Erika's world. We ate at Sant Ambreous Cafe, which opened only a year ago in South Florida. the restaurant is beautiful to say the least, and you definitely feel in another state the second you walk in. We were treated wonderfully and had the most amazing food, including the Tuna Tartare, Vitelo Tonnato, Salmon Scozzese, Beef Carpaccio, and Pistachio & Hazelnut Gelato- accompannied by Aperol Spritz and Almond Milk Macchiato, of course. A feast, I know. It was the perfect way to start our day.


After our meal we went to Tiffany & Co., where I got to show Erika everything about diamonds and the most beautiful pieces I've seen at Tiffany's in South Florida. Everything about the store in Worth Avenue was to die for, from their luggage and house collection to their statement pieces. I also tried on an 8.8 Cushion Cut D VS2 Diamond ring that I will never forget. It had a detailed leaf wrapping around the center stone, adding romance to the overall design. The two story store is WONDERFUL! Good thing I visited them sooner than later.



To end our day we went for a drink at RH Rooftop Restoration Hardware, their new restaurant in downtown West Palm Beach located at the 4th floor of their store. The restaurant oversees the city and is of course, beautifully decorated. We watched the sunset over Rosé right on time before going back home.

Not your typical Tuesday, right? We went back home on the 6PM train and were in Miami by 7:10PM. We enjoyed a but more snacks on the way back and maybe indulged in another glass of wine. If you don't have any more plans to do in Miami, or want to do something different, you HAVE to try Brightline- it is such a fun plan to do for the day or even to take for a weekend stay at Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach.

For more information about Brightline visit gobrightline.com

For more information about Tiffany & Co. visit tiffanyandco.com

For more information about Sant Ambroeus visit santambroeus.com