Diamond Tales

We are a Luxury Jewelry Shopping Experience and a Private Consultancy Company that believes in the power of a legacy and the beauty of the story that is behind every gem.

Our founder and Diamond expert Constanza Viera offers a guide through curated designs to find the exceptionally-made jewel that adapts to your needs, taste, and budget.

With ten years of experience, Diamond Tales takes pride in providing transparent, educational, and unique experiences. Constanza is a proud member of the Gemological Institute of America’s Board for South Florida, the Women’s Jewelry Association, and of Tribu, the Latin American Fashion Summit Community. 

"We celebrate milestones, special occasions, moments of love, joy, and happiness that will bring meaning to your story with a tangible piece; it brings a legacy to life that will last forever."

  • Integrity

    Our professionalism generates trust. We understand that jewelry is precious beyond just the materials and endeavor to make your experience with us as exceptional as the moment you are celebrating.

    We create real connections with our clients.

  • Expertise

    We guarantee an outstanding experience due to our knowledge of the industry, credentials, continuing education, high ethical standards, and our passion for jewelry.

    Our team of GIA gemologists and expert jewelers is committed to creating high quality pieces with exceptional craftsmanship.

  • Enduring Value

    We offer superior experiences to provide high-quality jewelry for special occasions that are skillfully manufactured, exclusively designed, and created in order to last forever.

    We are here to create pieces that will trascend generations.

Our Mission

“We aim to bring meaning to a special moment with durable and exceptional jewelry pieces. Memories, just as jewelry, create an impact that will last forever.”

Our Vision

Diamond Tales strives for excellence in unique and high-end designs as well as innovation in modern jewelry pieces. Our approach is to find or create quality products that are destined to last through each customer’s lifetime.