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Necklace 18kt Gold Mother Pearl Miraculous Diamonds & Pearls Medal

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The Miraculous blessing will always be with you and those you love. This beautiful piece of jewelry delicately crafted in 18kt gold cross with mother of pearl and surrounded by round pearls and diamonds 0.91 carats, is without a doubt a perfect gift for christenings, birthdays, births and weddings.

The mother of pearl miraculous medal looks perfect with almost any outfit. Its pearl give it a touch of elegance and subtlety.

Combining the best of our jewelry, the gold mother of pearl pendant has a distinct vintage style, beautiful and timeless.

Gold chain included.


Why choosing Mother of pearl?

The mother of pearl is known as "the organic gem" and symbolizes wisdom, stability, purity of heart, as well as abundance, being the material from which all pearls come from.

The mother of pearl jewels are perfect to embellish the innocence of girls, as well as to highlight with freshness any outfit.


Personalize it

Like any natural gem, every mother of pearl has its own imperfections and this makes each work and carving unique, making this piece unrepeatable.


Purity and authenticity assured

One of our greatest commitments is to make sure that every single metal and gemstone used in our jewelry is 100% authentic. Therefore, you will have in your hands a beautiful and durable piece, guaranteed.

Surprise your loved ones on any special occasion with an unforgettable demonstration of affection.


Attention to every detail

Every detail is important, the miraculous medal includes a beautiful gift box that will protect this piece from any damage and keep it intact, ready to surprise its lucky recipient with a beautiful shine.


Necklace 18kt Gold Mother Pearl Miraculous Diamonds & Pearls Medal