$1Million Fantasy Bra from Victoria's Secret

$1Million Fantasy Bra from Victoria's Secret

Tonight, November 8, 2018 is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City. On Monday, the brand revealed this year’s Fantasy Bra to be worn by Elsa Hosk.

Hosk has been modeling at the prestigious Victoria’s Secret yearly Fashion Show since 2015, and this year she will be wearing the most special piece of the entire collection: The Fantasy Bra. The bra, according to Victoria’s Secret, is worth seven figures. Yes, SEVEN. It is a $1Million garment that took 930 hours to make, including 2,100 lab created diamonds and topaz from Atelier Swarovski and totaling 71 carats in weight. It is set in Sterling Silver, too.

This year marks the first for the company to be using lab-created diamonds, which are exactly the same in chemical composition as a natural diamond, yet created artificially in a laboratory. While a natural diamond takes one to three billion years to be created, a lab diamond only takes three months to grow. Because of this, it is truly questionable if the bra is really worth $1M; lab diamonds usually cost less per carat than a natural diamond and the bra is set in silver rather than gold or platinum.

However, there is a valid cause for the diamonds to be synthetic- they represent an ecological way of mining stones (all industries unfortunately have a negative impact on the environment), they also represent an evasion to conflict (some natural diamonds cannot be traced back to their origins and might have been involved as “blood diamonds” sometime in their past), and they represent modernity. All in all, the bra is the epitome of women empowerment.

There could be many arguments for controversy as I am all for natural diamonds instead of lab diamonds, but let’s just stick to the story. Victoria’s Secret will also be launching a replica of the Fantasy bra for the first time in history! It will be available at select stores starting November 29th and the Swarovski crystals embellished undergarment will be priced at $250.

I cannot wait to see it in action when the show goes live on December 2nd, 2018. Be it set with natural or lab-diamonds, the Dream Angels Fantasy Bra this year is to die for.