Lauren B Jewelry

Lauren B Jewelry

Lauren B Jewelry is one of the most coveted brands of this time for Engagement Rings. It has become extremely popular through social media, and for a good reason!

 I started off my day with an array of rings in all shapes, settings, and sizes. Which one would you choose from the ones below?

After trying on a good number of engagement rings, I can really say that the quality of the stones and the attention to detail of the designs were extremely high. Most importantly, if you cannot find anything in the store you can always ask for a custom made piece- tailored to your preferences and to your budget.

There is other jewelry, too! Lauren B has everything from tennis bracelets to pieces made with sapphires and morganites, among other colored stones. Located only a couple of blocks away from NYC's "Diamond District" on 47th St, Lauren B Jewelry offers a personalized experience with a retail facade. 


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Lauren B Jewelry is located at 44 E 46th St, New York, NY 10017, USa.