Real Is A Diamond

Real Is A Diamond

During my visit to NYC, I had the opportunity to meet with the Social Media Strategist for the categorical campaign 'Real Is A Diamond'. I learned everything about it and its purpose, which emphasizes on the value of diamonds in the world.

The 'Real Is Rare; Real Is A Diamond' campaign invites every single person in the world to express their love for diamonds. Diamonds exist in an (almost) infinite variety, from colorless to intense hues of purple in their rarest forms, from heart-shaped to a classic round brilliant. Consequently, there is one for everyone!

Real Is Rare celebrates the value of a diamond and the integrity of its sources. The campaign's purpose is to educate individuals on the stone, so people can learn how valuable they can become for them as they learn about a diamond's uniqueness, purity, rarity, beauty, and endurance.

Moreover, Real Is A Diamond and The Diamond Producers Association, the group of mining companies behind the campaign, share how diamonds can do good. Through the 'Diamonds Do Good' platform, they showcase stories of how the diamond production has positively impacted many communities around the world.

To better understand the campaign, we can compare it to the 'Got Milk' campaign from a few years ago (Dan from DPA showed me this example so I can better understand it, and you should learn about it, too!). However, this campaign focuses on an extremely uncommon rock made of carbon: a DIAMOND. Join us as Real Is Rare and Diamond Tales continue to explore and share the impact of diamonds on the world- from emotional significance to their contribution to society.

PS: Here is an image for attention :) How do we like this one????

 *Diamond is by Julius Klein Company.

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