Sotheby's NYC

Sotheby's NYC

Sotheby's is known as one of the largest auction houses in the world. It offers the most prestigious collections of Art and has been uniting collectors with world-class works of art sin 1744. What you might not know is that is also has an exquisite collection of diamonds under Sotheby's Diamonds.

 I had the opportunity to visit the Sotheby's Diamonds salon in New York last week. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, since I had in my hand THE most coveted jewels in the world.

I started off by trying on the 'Figue Ricci Ring', featuring a 5.43ct Fancy Light Yellow Cushion diamond in the center. It had delicate pink and red spinels dotted along the band and black Whitby jet framing the center stone. The metal used? Rose Gold. It was a Modern masterpiece.



Then, the Director of Sales proceeded to show me my favorite piece of the day: a 5.00ct Fancy Vivid Blue Rose Cut Diamond mounted on a Platinum coil of pavé diamonds that formed a romantic ring. This piece was valued at $6.9 million because of the rarity of the blue diamond- and I have to say I am SO appreciative of having worn the 'Blue Twist Ring'.


 Now, the 'Orb Thistle Earrings' were EPIC! These had a total of 5.27cttw in their centerstones, but what I loved the most was the precision of the reverse-set diamonds that surrounded the round brilliants. It was an ode to precision, indeed.

The 'Trellis Earrings' had a pair of Emerald-cut diamonds totaling 11.07 carats. Of course they needed a pop of color, so it was only logical to add a filigree of pavé set emeralds to frame around the diamonds. This is a beautiful design and would be the perfect addition to any collector's collection.

Finally, I tried on the 'Wishbone Ring' and the 'Spray Necklace'. The delicacy and precision of these designs were breathtaking. While the ring had a 11.05 ct round brilliant as the center of attention, the necklace had 8 internally flawless marquise cut diamonds totaling 18.64 carats that screamed elegance and glamour. 

Sotheby's Diamonds is now at the top of my chart for the most rare and iconic jewelry in the world. It is exquisite and keeps class above everything. I know that the New York City salon was just the first one I will ever visit, and I cannot imagine what other pieces I will hopefully get to see in London or Hong Kong!

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